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Where can Coaches go when they hit a wall with a client?

Right here.

with a Sounding Board
Your Techniques
Your Confidence

When it's just not happening...

As a coach, you want to see your clients break through mindset and circumstantial obstacles and reach their goals. But sometimes even our most skilled approach doesn't seem to be effective.

  • Expectations are not aligned

  • Steps toward action are inconsistent

  • Motivation isn't ignited

  • Clients have invested-but aren’t all-in

  • You both feel frustrated and disappointed

  • You question your abilities

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Let's troubleshoot & explore new approaches and strategies to see your clients experience lasting transformation

  • Understand and manage expectations

  • Clarify emotional drivers

  • Broaden your skills to improve alignment

  • Structure programs to increase client success stories and conversion


I am a woman, supporting women, who serve women.

I have been helping people share knowledge and information amidst great change for twenty-five years. From rocket scientists to professional women and full-time Mothers, I have come to realize these universal truths:

When people feel deeply understood and information is presented in a manner aligned with this understanding, they can achieve any transformation they choose.

Every once in a while, even experienced coaches struggle to help clients create a breakthrough for ongoing change. It feels frustrating and creates insecurities in both of you. I'm here to help you get through to that next level - for your client's sake and yours. 


C. Tallman, Program Director

With Anessa's hands-on support, and expertise, we not only increased the number of women using our established programs, but were able to add more programs to our Center, ahead of schedule.

Sophie Lechner, Entrepreneur

In every session with Anessa I learn a new perspective on my coaching work that allows me to deepen my relationship with my clients. Her clear and actionable insights into the client/advisor relationship show her depth of experience in fostering transformations. I can’t wait to see the results of the strategies I have put in place recently based on our work together.

Journey Henkart, Speaker, Author, Trainer

When we started, I had been considering the launch of a program for a long time but was stalled in inaction. Since my work with Anessa, I have taken consistent and actionable steps toward my goal; I am feeling more on purpose, aligned and confident and I am excited to launch my new program next week!

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Expand Your Impact & Set Yourself Apart

(from other coaches)

1.   Book a Consultation - I want to hear your story
2.   We’ll create a coaching path to enhance your tool kit and impact
3.   Unlock your expertise - do more for your clients, more for yourself.

My Harmony Matrix Framework, provides:

A set of strategies to ensure you and your clients stay synced and aligned.

Three steps to getting clients unstuck

A framework to deepen engagement in program delivery

The know-how needed to generate opportunities for future revenue with existing clients

Together we will

  • Enhance your ability to clarify and manage expectations while keeping client motivation and participation steady.

  • Increase your awareness of your Inner Coach style

  • Enhance your ability to achieve next-level rapport, trust and transparency

  • Learn to view your program and business through the lens of your clients’ experience

  • Understand how to adaptively engage various communication, learning and behavior styles

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Is it finally time to bet on yourself?
Shift into lasting change & greater influence 

Coaching & Consulting Support

(Have it your way!)

Hire me for an urgent, oh-shit, 911 to troubleshoot the root of a problem you're facing right now! Together, we'll strategize a high-level correction plan plus implementation support.




Hire me for hourly consulting to help improve your overall client success rate and program participation. I'll guide you through diagnosing the issues, collaborate with you on a high-level action plan, and support you with implementation.

Because coaches shouldn't have to suffer in silence. (And because your partner doesn't want to hear about it anymore.)


I know how important it is to you to make an impact in this world. In order to do that, you need to be able to lead and relate to clients in a way that creates lasting change for them. But, once in a while, a client doesn't engage in your process, seems stalled on follow-through, or has lost sight of the goals they were once so passionate about. When this happens, you're left feeling disheartened, frustrated and doubting yourself. But I believe that you can unlock transformation for both you and your client with the right keys. (And that every coach needs a safe place to go.)

I understand how heartbreaking it is when we feel our expertise isn't making an impact. This is why I work with women like you - coaches, entrepreneurs, service professionals - to shift the way we understand ourselves and our clients. With new understanding, we create engagement that runs deeper and transformation that lasts.

So book a free call - I'd love to meet you and hear about what's getting in the way of your client's growth or your own impact. In the meantime, request my FREE ROADBLOCK RADAR TOOL. It's time to stop second-guessing your abilities. Instead, bet on yourself and reach a new level of confidence and competence.


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