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I learned how to do more with my expertise.
You can too.

From Fearing, to Rising, to Leading

I’ve been where you are and have found life beyond my obstacles.


Years ago, I embarked on my own change journey, learning to embrace my farm girl childhood and the values of integrity and honesty.  I found myself examining the expectations I’d placed on myself and realized that somehow I’d adopted the expectations others had on me instead of creating expectations aligned with my own needs and gifts. That incongruence left me feeling unsuccessful even though I owned two thriving businesses. Fear of not meeting (what I imagined to be) the expectations of others were robbing me of personal fulfillment.


I was a Farm Girl Fearing.

I started to understand my emotions and the mental processing around my self-worth. Change began. In the first year of my fortune 500 career, I crushed expectations and received a national award and financial freedom.

I was a Farm Girl rising.

Deep in my heart, I’m still that farm girl, that straight-shooting tom-boy. I’m also a leader, a coach, and a human who finds great joy in watching others thrive. I have guided rocket scientists, professional female leaders, mothers and most recently, my own immigrated family to long-term transformation.

For twenty-five years I have had the distinct honour of sharing what I’ve learned about transformation - through decades of professional and personal experiences.

Over and over again, I witness women conquer inaction as they develop a more keen self-awareness. Transformations that last require the work of uncovering how our emotional, mental, behavioural and even spiritual layers impact our ability to embrace and sustain change. Deep work takes digging - but you don’t have to do it alone.

I am a woman, supporting women, who serve women. Through my coaching practice, I help you understand transformation and deliver lasting change.

My name is Anessa and I am a Farm Girl Leading.

I’d love to meet you.


Leadership coaching for high-achievers who find themselves stalled on the road to expanding their impact.

  • BS in Public Relations and Communications

  • Fortune 500 Executive Award

  • 3X MVP/Volleyball Scholarship

  • Training in communications, conflict management, behavioral science

  • 14 years of coaching experience 

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