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April 8-13, 2024   |   11:30am-1:00pm PST daily   |   LIVE on Zoom


Claim Your Voice


Empowering Women to Speak Up and Be Heard at work

Does this Sound Familiar?

You feel overlooked and undervalued at work because you find it challenging to assert yourself and set boundaries. You find yourself holding back and empathizing with others when you desperately want to speak up.

It's time to claim your voice.

Holding Back?

Holding back when you know you want to take a stand creates a cycle of stress that can become unmanageable and the work-life balance you seek becomes a distant dream.

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Anessa Collins Coaching
Anessa Collins Coaching

Develop the confidence
and communication skills
you need to speak up from a place of empowerment while building effective relationships at work in our small group coaching program.

You don’t have to choose between being liked and being labeled at work. 

It's Time to Claim Your Voice

Anessa Collins Coaching
Anessa Collins Coaching

Meet Your Coach

Anessa Collins

For many years I struggled in workplaces and it had a negative impact on my health and self-worth. It wasn't until I found support that I began to thrive.

Today, as a certified EQ-i Coach I help women discover the power inside themselves to claim their voice, speak up, and be heard at work.

April 8-13, 2024   |   11:30am-1:00pm PST daily   |   LIVE on Zoom

Be Empowered to Speak Up and Be Heard at work

About the Program

Claim Your Voice is a small group, strength-based coaching program. This program will be held over a 6-day live training experience, with 75 minute Zoom sessions facilitated directly by Anessa.


As a small group of up to a maximum of 12 participants we will:


Uncover what gets in the way of asserting ourselves when empathy for others is high.


Develop skills to successfully navigate difficult conversations.


Practice using the skills and tools delivered while gracefully holding each other accountable to using them outside of group in small-safe steps.


Concerned you won't use the tools and strategies without encouragement and a place to practice?

We have you covered.


The Claim Your Voice small group coaching program includes 10-weeks of Zoom-based community support facilitated directly by Anessa where you will receive encouragement and real-life scenarios to role play in a safe space.

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"Prior to working with Anessa my stress levels were borderline unmanageable because of my struggle to set boundaries. Working with her has improved my work/life balance immensely. Being able to recognize my own needs and place boundaries that serve those needs has been incredibly empowering.”

— H.D.

"Anessa creates a warm, safe, and inviting space that helps us learn and grow. We were guided by Anessa's relevant and proprietary teaching. This helped all of us group members reach the meaningful outcomes we'd hoped for.
I highly recommend Anessa's coaching"

— Deb

"Anessa empowered me to navigate networking events and conversations with ease, while also fostering meaningful relationships with other businesses. Tailored to my unique needs, I found her tools and techniques to be awesome! Overall my experience has been transformative, equipping me with the skills and confidence needed to thrive while maintaining a healthy work-life balance."

— Briana

Join the Live Experience


  • 6+ Hours of Live Coaching

  • Interactive Sessions

  • Proven Skill-Building Techniques

  • Overcome Fear and Claim Your Voice

  • Q & A

April 8-13, 2024   |   11:30am-1:00pm PST daily
Anessa Collins Coaching

No replays will be available


1:1 Coaching

Refer a friend and receive a free 60 minute 1:1 coaching session with Anessa.

Ready to Claim Your Voice?

Anessa Collins Coaching
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