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Learn to soar at work every day

Emotional intelligence coaching services for women in the workplace


EQ-i 2.0 Assessment & Power Hour


In one hour, you'll dive deep into your Emotional Quotient Inventory. We'll uncover your strengths and areas to work on so you can show up strong at work and in life.

Emotional Intelligence Private Coaching


6 private 75-minute sessions. Using your EQ-Self Assessment Report as our guide, we will discuss and prepare for real-life situations, debrief, and create action plans.

Collective Wisdom Group Coaching


Cohorts of professional women gather by Zoom to discuss, learn, and grow their emotional intelligence for satisfaction in the workplace. 

You deserve well-being at work and in all of life.

EQ yields ROI

Emotional intelligence coaching increases productivity, decreases turnover, and improves revenue.


Productivity Increase


According to a study within Motorola, employees were 93% more productive after stress-management and emotional intelligence training. This is due to better relationships and decision-making at work.

(Forbes, July 18, 2023.)


Employee Retention Rate


Employees report they are 400% less likely to leave a job if their manager demonstrates empathy and high emotional intelligence. 



Revenue & Profit


Leaders and employees with high emotional intelligence drive an organization's culture, revenue, and profits. Emotional intelligence training yields nearly a 1500% ROI. 

(Psychology Today, March 23, 2021.)

On top of all of this, professionals with high emotional intelligence earn more.


(Inc. Magazine)

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