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Because you can’t step into your full potential wearing someone else’s leadership style.

the authentic leader in you
discomfort to growth
to your next level of success

Are you playing small?

Even high capacity, successful women hold themselves back from pursuing influential roles or business opportunities. When we feel unsettled or misaligned internally, that friction creates an unhealthy, untrue internal narrative. Before we recognize it we find ourselves:

  • Under-valuing our abilities and potential

  • Lacking the confidence to reach higher 

  • Paralyzed by our patterns and expectations

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Whether you're an emerging leader or a seasoned one, this world needs you to lead in your own authentic way.

It starts with us but it's bigger than us. When you're in touch with your capability and your value, you overflow with competence and confidence - and that's when you can really shine. That's when you can really make a difference in this world. Effective coaching helps you make the shift from stuck to unstoppable.

"It's my joy and privilege to inspire women in leadership to embrace discomfort and capitalize on opportunities, so that, together, we can overcome internal barriers to success."


I have been helping people find their own lasting change for nearly 25 years.


From rocket scientists to professional women and full-time mothers, I have come to realize this universal truth:

Conquering inaction begins with embracing who we are and how we engage with the world around us.

Anessa Collins, Coach

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Take charge of your transformation

1.   Book a free Coaching Call - I want to hear your story
2.   We’ll create a coaching path to reveal and overcome what’s in your way
3.   Unlock your style - so you can do more for your clients, more for yourself

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Is it finally time to bet on yourself?
Choose a coaching path and shift into lasting change & greater influence 



Customized 1:1 Executive Coaching


Each client deserves a coaching path that is customized to their needs and goals - and that's exactly what we'll design together!

Start with a 90-minute breakthrough session to identify your goals and create a plan to work together.

FALL 2022

Roadblock Eliminator

Group Coaching Program
8 Results-Focused Weeks in a safe, small group
$597 Cdn

(After Sept 15, $697 Cdn)

Ready for more? (It's been waiting for you!)

I know how important it is to you to help others and impact this world. To do that, you need to lead confidently and avoid the hazards that get in the way of your own success and sanity. But what if society has prescribed a leadership style that doesn't quite fit with who you are? No wonder you feel frustrated - trying to lead while misaligned is keeping you from reaching your full potential.

I've been where you are, on a successful path, yet personally uncomfortable. But, once I did the deep work to reveal and develop my authentic leadership style, everything changed. I began to thrive. My leadership had more significant value and impact. 


I believe you shouldn't have to change who you are to get what you want. That's why my coaching focuses on helping women uncover the beliefs and emotions that keep them in boxes they weren't created for.


Are you eager to expand your impact and confidence as a leader? Then, join me for a growth-oriented coaching journey and reveal your SHE-EO!


Like every great relationship, let's start with a conversation!

  1. Book a free coaching call - I want to hear your story

  2. We'll create a coaching path to deal with what's in your way

  3. Thrive as a leader - impacting your clients & rewarding yourself 


So book a free coaching call and tell me what the next level looks like for you. In the meantime, download the "ROADBLOCK RADAR TOOL." You don't have to settle for someone else's story. Instead, let's work together to reveal your personal leadership style and thrive with new levels of success. 


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